do more than just push products. create a lifestyle.

You have killer catalogs with beautiful photos, and thoughtful product descriptions, and you think, "All we really need to do for social is copy and paste, right?"

Not so much.

Social media marketing provides the platform to create and communicate a lifestyle that connects with your audience in ways that simply replicating the same communications you already have in print communications and on your website, just can't.

Your social media plan should include process videos, show your products in use, incorporate videos, utilize influencers and, ultimately, create its very own community.

Most recently, I built the social strategy for Blühen Botanicals, began managing social for a computer securities company, and came on board to help rehab the social for a regional craft brewery. I have also built and refreshed brands for individuals and companies including tourism accounts, large retail clients like Meineke and Maaco, and for small independent businesses.

Your target market is already living life. They just don't yet know that life would be better with your products in them. 

Let's show them together!