there's nowhere to go but up.

My favorite projects are ones that begin with a big picture conversation that includes all the things you would do for yourself / your business if your resources were bottomless and there were way more hours in the day.

So we start big, then get small, and break your goals down into tiny but meaningful steps that quickly build to create big impact for your business.

Let's get you there.




IMG_5140 2.JPG

it's so much more than choosing the right furniture.

I've worked in yarn shops, vintage clothing stores, high end clothing retail, and beauty salons. 

I've also helped design market booths for clients, and designed the S+B gallery space from start to finish, including the design of all display units.

Each space has its own unique brand, reiterated in every visual aspect of the business -- the product placement, the wall color, the "just right" shade of wood or metal for the display cases, etc...

Everything representing your business, from the physical space to the digital space, should build brand equity, and merchandising is a key part of that process.

Whether you're creating a permanent (or temporary) space from scratch, doing a merchandising overhaul, or simply looking to create a consistent visual brand for your e-commerce-focused business, I can help!

Just a few merchandising photos:




Do more than just fill the chairs. Make memories.

The biggest obstacle when it comes to event planning is just getting people to show up. But there's so much more to creating a killer event than convincing people to come. 

How do you feel when you start reading a book because the cover is super enticing, or you start drinking from a bottle of wine with the best label you've ever seen, but there's just no substance? You feel cheated. Sure, maybe you'll finish the bottle. Maybe you'll sit through the entire event. But you'll read another book by that author and never buy another bottle from that winery.

I've attended several professional development and creative conferences, High Point Furniture Market events, participated in upwards of 50 indie craft fair and gallery events, planned pop-up shops and DIY events, organized creative-focused educational meet-ups and participated in event-planning projects for several large clients.

I'm the person who makes sure nothing slips through the cracks and who pushes the ideas to make sure your events are both well-attended and memorable.

Because really, why do you do anything if not to build brand equity by creating positive memories?

I can't change the past, but I can help you shape the future. Let's do it.






somebody has to create the vision, plan the shotlist, write the script...

Maybe it should be me.

I've written scripts for brand videos and experiences, commercials, and social videos. I've also concepted / storyboarded photoshoots for social campaigns requiring associated shotlists, production schedule management, location scouting, and on-set art direction. Because when you work in an ad agency, you often have to (get to!) do it all.

Whether you need somebody to plan and / or manage your shoots, or you just need somebody to work with your designer by providing creative direction for your website or marketing assets, I'm game.

Let's get visual.






connect IRL.

Social media was invented to connect us more deeply, and enabled us to, for the first time, keep up with one another in real time even if we couldn't connect face to face, in real life. 

And yet we find ourselves more disconnected than ever -- glued to our phones even when spending time with family and friends, overwhelmed with FOMO even though we're literally missing out on our lives as they're happening!

What does this have to do with DIY workshops? The one time we can't be glued to our phones is when we're using our hands, and that's a pretty powerful thing.

And research shows that experiences make memories, and memorable experiences builds a faithful audience. That's why experiential marketing is so big right now, and every industry can benefit from it.

So whether you're looking for creative ways to demonstrate your company's "process," you're interested in creating and / or marketing a DIY craft series, you want to hire somebody to develop and teach workshops for your company or your consumers, or you're looking for somebody knowledgeable in a variety of art and craft mediums with marketing experience to edit and proof your DIY instructional videos or kits, I can definitely help.

Let's get crafty.






creating doesn't always feel creative.

It's difficult to step back from the day-to-day slog to notice missed creative marketing opportunities for existing product lines or to imagine new product development opportunities, and that's where I come in.

I can help create connections between yourself and influential people in the same or a similar industry to create product collaborations that build your social audience and, therefor, build your brand equity; help you create an entirely new product line to reach a new audience; and create an experiential marketing plan to get your new product in front of as many consumers as possible. 

Give your audience something they didn't even know they wanted!







do more than just push products. create a lifestyle.

You have killer catalogs with beautiful photos, and thoughtful product descriptions, and you think, "All we really need to do for social is copy and paste, right?"

Not so much.

Social media marketing provides the platform to create and communicate a lifestyle that connects with your audience in ways that simply replicating the same communications you already have in print communications and on your website, just can't.

Your social media plan should include process videos, show your products in use, incorporate videos, utilize influencers and, ultimately, create its very own community.

I have created social brand strategies for tourism accounts, large retail clients like Meineke and Maaco, and for small independent businesses, and I can create one for you, too. 

Your target market is already living life. They just don't yet know that life would be better with your products in them. 

Let's show them together!





Your website could be doing more.

Is your website packed with SEO keywords and easily searchable? Is it easily navigable and does it provide a positive user experience? Does it connect seamlessly with your social media platforms?

If not, no matter how beautifully photographed and how well your products perform, your audience won't have any idea that they're missing out.

Your website should be packed with searchable live text, and updated constantly to stay relevant. 

You can do this by regularly updating your blog, periodically alternating home page content, and, because we know YouTube is one of the largest search engines out there, including plenty of YouTube hosted videos. 

But you don't have to do it alone. I gotchu.