creating doesn't always feel creative.

It's difficult to step back from the day-to-day slog to notice missed creative marketing opportunities for existing product lines or to imagine new product development opportunities, and that's where I come in.

I can help create connections between yourself and influential people in the same or a similar industry to create product collaborations that build your social audience and, therefor, build your brand equity; help you create an entirely new product line to reach a new audience; and create an experiential marketing plan to get your new product in front of as many consumers as possible. 

I worked with Blühen Botanicals to develop the vision for their retail launch and, as of May 2019, you’ll be able to see it come to life! I helped develop formulations, advised on labels and packaging, wrote the web, product, and marketing collateral copy and developed the long term marketing strategy. At times my role was creative, at others administrative, but the role was always strategic.

Work with me to give your audience something they didn't even know they wanted, delivered in a way they’ll respond to.