who i am, what i'm doing, and where i've been.


I've done a lot of things...

And when I was trying to figure out what MY thing was, I worried that my varied background would make it difficult for me to fit in somewhere professionally.

As it turned out, having experience in the beauty, food and beverage, DIY, fine art, and retail industries, combined with a degree in creative writing and a passion for marketing, made me perfect for copywriting. Why? Because I'm interested in everything! And when you're interested in everything, it's not hard to get passionate about learning a new industry, which is something you constantly have to do as a copywriter.

In my mid 20's I started working my way toward an advertising career by studying marketing in my spare time, taking freelance social media jobs, and working on collaborative creative projects that gave me experience with art direction, project management, and sales-focused writing.

After breaking into the ad world, I started writing ad campaigns and creating social strategy for tourism accounts, individuals like yoga teachers and artists, small business owners, and national retail clients including several furniture companies, Yamaha Golf Cars, Meineke, Maaco, and the largest national Verizon partner -- Cellular Sales.  

All the while I continued to refine my jewelry collection, pursue journalistic and collaborative creative opportunities, and began doing more and more small business consultation work.

What I discovered was that, as a copywriter / brand strategist, I could do far more good for far more people as a consultant and coach than I ever would working with just a couple large clients.

And doing that kind of work would also make more time for the development of my jewelry line.

So when, in the fall of 2017, the opportunity arose to tour for a month with Jewel on her Handmade Holiday Tour representing my jewelry line and teaching DIY workshops across the country, I knew that if ever there was a time to go out on my own, this was it.

So I did.

I quit my day job, signed a lease on a retail location, then got on the road. 

I'd spend the next month on the wildest adventure of my life -- making jewelry and planning my gallery Smart + Becker all day, then teaching and selling every night to thousands of people all over the country.

And as soon as I made this intentional shift, small business owners began reaching out to me for coaching -- retail stores, fabrication shops, illustrators, small graphic design shops, and individual artists -- and my dream of helping elevate the creative community as a whole was coming true.

So that's where I am today. I'm the founder and Creative Director of Smart + Becker, I consult with small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, and I travel for speaking gigs and indie art shows.

Whether you're simply looking for a creative audit, or you need an extensive social brand strategy, I can help.

Maybe you need an accountability coach to help you stay on task with your goals, or someone to help provide an outside marketing perspective on your next product launch or big campaign. 

Whatever you need, I'm your "man." And if I'm not, I'll not only tell you; I'll help find my replacement.