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it's so much more than choosing the right PARTS. It’s about combining all the parts to create a cohesive whole.

I've worked with textile, high end clothing retail, food and beverage, hemp, cyber security, fine art gallery, and beauty industries

I've also helped design market and expo booths for clients, and designed the S+B gallery space from start to finish, including the design of all display units.

Each space has its own unique brand, reiterated in every visual aspect of the business -- the product placement, the wall color, the "just right" shade of wood or metal for the display cases, etc...

Everything representing your business, from the physical space to the digital space, should build brand equity, and merchandising is a key part of that process.

Whether you're creating a permanent (or temporary) space from scratch, doing a merchandising overhaul, or simply looking to create a consistent visual brand for your e-commerce-focused business, I can help!

Just a few photos I took of spaces and objects I styled: