Hawaii Bans LOTS of Sunscreens

The FDA hasn’t regulated skincare or beauty products since 1938. And you KNOW that sooo many more chemicals have been created and added to these products since then. No, ingredients aren’t the only thing to consider when choosing your skincare and household products, however, the evidence is clear that some products are safer for you AND the environment than others.

Once they discovered how much damage sunscreens containing xybenzone and octinoxate were doing to coral reefs, Hawaii decided to take action with or without the FDA. On Tuesday, Hawaii Gov. David Ige Tuesday signed the first bill in the country that will ban sunscreens containing chemicals harmful to coral reefs and in 2021 the sale of these products will become completely illegal.

Hawaii has banned them, but if the effects are so costly, why are any of us still using them? I made the swap to Beautycounter’s Countersun sunscreen and after using it for protection during long days in the sun (think all day at the lake and 4 days in a row at a music festival) and needing to reapply it FAR LESS often than traditional sunscreens, I know the uptick in price is worth it.

A lot of people are probably thinking, “But SPF 30? That’s so low!” Yes, companies have been telling us for some time that if we’re not using SPF 50+, we’re being irresponsible, but it’s simply not the case. I burn. Seriously. But I can tell you from my experience that at the lake and the 4 day music festival, I only had to re-apply once/day — at the most — and I didn’t even need to every day!

Plus, research has shown that higher SPF sunscreens aren’t necessarily better. The EWG advises sun worshippers to choose sunscreens between SPF 15 and 50 and just reapply when necessary.

Finally, it smells and feels good. A friend recently asked, “Does it turn your skin white like other OTC natural sunscreens?” The answer is, for me at least, “No.”

If you’re still feeling trepidatious, keep in mind that Beautycounter offers a 60 day money-back guarantee. So it’s no risk, boo boo. Make the swap!