Advertising for good

Advertising sometimes gets a bad rap, but here’s the deal. Every product/business/whatever requires advertising efforts to get seen. Even if you’re teaching kombucha-brewing to your co-op house mates or setting up a neighborhood yard sale, a certain amount of advertising is required. And if you think a handwritten Yard Sale This Way sign isn’t advertising, well, I’d have to get into an argument with you about that. Yes, advertising helps sell bad things. But it also helps sell good things, and promote good causes.

And that’s why I love it! It’s the vehicle by which important messages get to the people who care about them. Take The Lion’s Share — an environmentally-conscious media buying pledge initiated by Mars that just won the Sustainable Development Goals Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

I love the idea of marketers contributing to funds that support the wellbeing of animals. If we don’t do something, they’re all gonna be CGI one day. And we don’t want that!

This gives organizations a way to give back and I love when companies make a point of contributing to something beyond their bottom line.

Do you work with an organization that gives back? Who are they and who do they give to? I wanna know who to support!