The Never List


Makeup is supposed to make you feel good. So why is it making us feel bad? Well, if you’re like I was before I discovered safe beauty products, you’re probably using products by companies ranging from Maybelline to Sephora to Bobbi Brown thinking of nothing beyond whether or not it gets the job done.

Surprise — those products contain any of 1300 ingredients that have been banned in Europe (but haven’t been in the U.S.) due to toxicity!

Hate to put a wrench in your beauty routine, buttttt if you’re as concerned as I am about not putting bad shit in your body, then you might want to check out this Never List. Or just start buying from companies you can trust.

Here’s a list of trusted beauty businesses whose labels you never have to check:

Get more info. at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a project of Breast Cancer Prevention Partners.

Use the Think Dirty app to check safety when you’re shopping on-the-go.

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