Sun protection shouldn't be dangerous


We’ve been told since we were wee babes that the best way to prevent skin cancer was to cover ourselves with chemical sunscreens that, since our childhood, have been outed as extremely harmful to our health.

In fact, it’s the household names that have turned out to be the worst…


I know we all feel protective over our the little Coppertone baby with with dog, but as warm and nostalgic memories filled with that brand (for me at least) are, it’s gotta go. Hormone disruption, increased toxicity, and reproductive issues are just a few of the things that can go wrong when chemical sunscreen is used consistently.

Yes, the good stuff is a little more expensive. But darned if it isn’t worth it. Learn more and get the best from Beautycounter. The people who love you will thank you for taking steps to be the healthiest you for a long long time.


The planet will thank you for getting this toxic mess out of its soil and waterways. Cuz guess what — it’s bad for plants and animals, too.