"Beauty" that's bad for you


Did you know that people who wear makeup absorb ~4lbs. of whatever’s in that stuff, per YEAR!? Everything on the outside ends up getting in, so, doesn’t knowing that make you want to make a change?

I know, I know, it’s so convenient (and inexpensive) to just run by the pharmacy to grab a lipstick or mascara for under 10 bux. But the real cost of that cheapie product is unbelievably high.

Time is talking about it and so is Cancer.org. Breast Cancer Prevention Partners recommends:

  • Use Good Guide to discover truly good products

  • Switch to safer products. (Psst! You can find a ton HERE.)

  • Look deeper than “natural” or “organic.” (One way to double-check for unsafe ingredients to reference Beautycounter’s Never List.)

  • Avoid products labeled “fragrance” and “parfum”

This is an important topic to me for many reasons. For too long, society has been telling us that beauty should hurt — it used to be high heels and corsets, but now it’s makeup, hair, and spa products, too.

I love makeup and my skincare ritual is a grounding practice that I begin and end every day with. I shouldn’t have to compromise my health to enjoy either. Thankfully I switched to products like Beautycounter and Evan Healy forever ago and although I won’t necessarily KNOW whether this switch ends up preventing something I would have otherwise fallen ill with, I feel so good knowing I’m spending my money with companies who care and I’m making the best choices (to my knowledge) for my body and doing everything in my power to live, happy, and healthy. Because I want to hang out with you for a long long time.

Have you made the switch to non-toxic '“beauty” products? Tell us about it!