Big $$ for the little guy


Nothing warms my heart more than when I hear about a big company like NIKE investing in independent businesses by using them to manufacture their more bespoke products.

I first learned of 3x1 when I was living in Carrboro and working with a fine clothing retailer in Durham and literally just FINALLY got rid of the pair I bought way back then because, well, there’s just more junk in the trunk these days!

But seriously, 3x1 denim is an epic choice for booties of all shapes and sizes and their industrial locking zipper situation is pretty fly-proof.

Successful brands have so much power to elevate small independent businesses that have big potential but just need cash flow and support of a trusted brand to gain consumer trust, and I’m glad NIKE is making some meaningful choices.

I’m just sad the shoe isn’t being made in a style I wear 😭 — can you please make a platform sneaker version????