DIY How-to Videos (by me!)

Late last year, I pitched a “DIY Anywhere” video series to a segment on one of our local, Knoxville networks — Living East Tennessee — and now I have a mini series teaching crafts that cost under $10 and focus on sustainability!

I’m often asked how I even began the conversation with the station and the answer is pretty short. I searched for and found (Google this stuff!) the contact information for the show producer and sent him an email. In the email, I included a rough outline of the pitch and a request for a brief meeting to share a couple examples in person. Once he agreed, I developed a more extensive pitch which involved designing a series of DIY activities, creating a TV-ready outline and script for each activity that lasted under 3 minutes, creating sample projects, and organizing props.

If you have an idea you need help bringing to fruition or getting in front of the right person, let’s chat! In the meantime, check out the videos below.