Do more than just fill the chairs. Make memories.

The biggest obstacle when it comes to event planning is just getting people to show up. But there's so much more to creating a killer event than convincing people to come. 

How do you feel when you start reading a book because the cover is super enticing, or you start drinking from a bottle of wine with the best label you've ever seen, but there's just no substance? You feel cheated. Sure, maybe you'll finish the bottle. Maybe you'll sit through the entire event. But you'll read another book by that author and never buy another bottle from that winery.

I've attended several professional development and creative conferences, High Point Furniture Market events, participated in upwards of 50 indie craft fair and gallery events, planned pop-up shops and DIY events, organized creative-focused educational meet-ups and participated in event-planning and expo design projects for several large clients.

I'm the person who makes sure nothing slips through the cracks and who pushes the ideas to make sure your events are both well-attended and memorable.

Because really, why do you do anything if not to build brand equity by creating positive memories?

I can't change the past, but I can help you shape the future. Let's do it.