connect IRL.

Social media was invented to connect us more deeply, and enabled us to, for the first time, keep up with one another in real time even if we couldn't connect face to face, in real life. 

And yet we find ourselves more disconnected than ever -- glued to our phones even when spending time with family and friends, overwhelmed with FOMO even though we're literally missing out on our lives as they're happening!

What does this have to do with DIY workshops? The one time we can't be glued to our phones is when we're using our hands, and that's a pretty powerful thing.

And research shows that experiences make memories, and memorable experiences builds a faithful audience. That's why experiential marketing is so big right now, and every industry can benefit from it.

So whether you're looking for creative ways to demonstrate your company's "process," you're interested in creating and / or marketing a DIY craft series, you want to hire somebody to develop and teach workshops for your company or your consumers, or you're looking for somebody knowledgeable in a variety of art and craft mediums with marketing experience to edit and proof your DIY instructional videos or kits, I can definitely help. Just check out my project, DIY Anywhere. The proof is in the pudding.

Let's get crafty.