Social Branding Instagram Bootcamp for Designers and Creatives

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Social Branding Instagram Bootcamp for Designers and Creatives


For the first time ever, I'm offering digital coaching on social media brand-building! Each week's email builds upon the last to create a framework that acts as, essentially, a business plan for a strategic social brand.

Follow the steps in each email and you're guaranteed to end up with a more curated social feed, packed with strategic content that your target audience will like, love, follow, and return to again and again!

Who is this perfect for?

  • Designers and creatives who are in the process of moving from just using their personal profiles for home and business, to creating a separate business account or page
  • Businesses / creatives who are going through a re-brand 
  • Businesses / creatives who are pretty happy with things the way the are, but just want some meaningful tips on strategic curation
  • Individuals who are building themselves up as a lifestyle brand and want to define their social look + feel

Why is this such a good deal? My one-on-one intro. deep dive consultations start at $100/session and this 10 week program covers SO MUCH MORE and you can refer back to the content again and again.

The best part? If you get to the end of the 10 weeks and feel like you truly didn't get any value from the bootcamp, I'll give you a refund!* 

Each week, for 10 weeks, you'll receive an email packed with:

  • Manageable action steps on a specific topic related to an important element of your social brand
  • Links to relevant podcasts
  • Industry article outlines
  • Workbook entries to help you uncover your authentic brand voice and aesthetic

Topics include:

  1. Exploring and defining your social identity to help create your authentic brand voice
  2. Creating the mood and feeling of your brand
  3. Defining your products and services and delivering them in a way your target audience will respond to
  4. Identifying your dream clients -- the who, the what, and the why
  5. Reverse-engineering your dream client list to work your way toward the top of your list!
  6. Leveraging your mood exploration to define the look of your brand
  7. Preparing your brand aesthetic so those dream clients find content they love when they visit your social
  8. Quality over quantity -- Creating a plan for meaningful engagement with your target audience
  9. Learning how to access influencers, and asking people to become brand ambassadors  
  10. Spreading the love -- learning how to become an ambassador for your ambassadors so your biggest fans, stay fans.


If you use Instagram, this bootcamp is for you. Promise!


*No refunds are provided until the 10 weeks end, and you must request refund in an email wherein you provide insights on why you feel there was no value in the program. Thanks for understanding!

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