The Studio Collapse


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This is me in front of my now empty letter sorting shelf--a find I'm more proud of than any other. For somebody like me who uses lots of different supplies for projects, it's so nice to have these tiny divided areas. One slot for lace, and another for moss; one for tiny journals, and another for glass marbles. It was sad to take everything out and box it all away, but it's really nice being able to have it at home where I can set it all back up again. 

IMG_0226.JPG the kind of packer I am. It's ridiculous. Every time I move I tell myself, "Next time I will get newspaper and pack things with the appropriate packaging, or at least, with like objects," but it never happens. I get to the new place and open up boxes only to feel overwhelmed once again my my lack of categorization. To the left, you'll notice a box of yarn I don't like filled with glass bottles. Hey, at least it's yarn, and not chunks of wood, right? At least there's some cushion underneath all those shiny breakables. If you need help moving, I've got a truck, but just don't ask me to pack. 

My roommate and I both found that instead of investing in our new home, which has amazing light and is incredibly cozy, we were splitting our time going back and forth from work, to home, to studio. I might have felt more that way since I was spending so much time in the studio in December, but we came to the conclusion that we wanted to move the studio home.

And now I can wake up, make a cup of coffee, take my dog out into the yard, and sit down next to the windows that let the light pour in, and just get started. Since I've taken the pressure of production off myself and shaken things up with the move, I feel ready to create really beautiful, one of a kind pieces. And I've been writing more than ever. 

This is the year.