The Migration Issue

Compendium Monday #2

BOOKS & JOURNALS I'm just beginning:

Obviously, I can't recommend these yet, but they've been recommended to me by trusted sources.

BOOKS I've just finished...



This essay, by the Editor-in-Chief of Ecotone, begins the latest: The Migration Issue.

You can find more about him HERE.

You can find this, and other captivating pieces in the issue of Ecotone pictured above.


Mischief and other minds by Francis O'Gorman can be found in the January 10 issue of TLS, and if you're at all curious about or interested in the work of Algernon Charles Swinburne, this is an illuminating read. I am only aware of Swinburne's work because of a creative writing workshop I took at Sandhills Community College a few years ago. One of the students--an ageless, timeless, curiousty--always came to class wearing expired military garb, reciting Swinburne's work in a warbling voice, sounding like a tide that might pull you out to sea. 


Nobody Walks was the most unexpectedly good film I watched this week.