Laura Korch

The Larkspur Party

It's Spring, and craft shows are in the air, and this past Sunday I was able to go to probably one of the sweetest shows I've ever gone to. It's called The Larkspur Party in Raleigh and it's an invite-only show held in the beautiful gardens of a private residence. I only found out about it because my friend Laura Korch of Trout Ceramics was going to be in it for the second year in a row.

The setting was beautiful and the work was amazing. There were so many unexpected little gems. Take these haunting little garden pot stakes by Jean McCamy of McCamy Clayworks, for example:

Laura was showing ceramic pots, mini mugs, spice dishes, sculptures, tea diffusers, and creamers. The shapes were organic and comfortable to hold, and the colors reminded me of the shiny home-made candies that make your eyes water they're so sweet and tart.

I showed restraint, but only after purchasing these sweet things: