Emily Jane White

Indiana Jones

On my walk home from work tonight, two young men--late teens, early twenties--walked behind me. It was clear from the way they spoke that they were likely using their whole bodies. They were excited, giddy even. Although they were in public, the tone lacked any trace either of self-consciousness, or of ego. They weren't speaking loudly to be heard, or talking with their bodies to be seen. They were just talking to each other, and they happened to be in public.

One said to the other, "I mean, Indiana Jones! He's just, he's just a good guy, you know? You can tell by looking at him that he'd just never take advantage of anyone. The guy's just fun! You watch him and can tell, he's all about having fun!"

That is definitely not the conversation I expected to hear when I put my ear buds in and began listening to Emily Jane White.