Today's Catch


I just read the letterpress zine, Ker-bloom! Issue 97: A Letter to My Son, and I have to recommend it. 

This is from the final page:

"My blood is brackish to the point that it always tries to flow seaward. Some of that blood is in you; it will steer you toward open waters."

Doesn't that make you want to read more?

I went over to a friend's house tonight after dinner, and she gave me the following books of poetry to read: 


The Ghost Soldiers, James Tate

from Help: "I said I didn't want any help from anyone, but, then, when no one offered me help, I was really hurt."

Artificial Heart, Peter Gizzi

from Salt: "...One fish multiplies for poverty

silently stuck in the deep

A silence unstuck in the weeds/above a rock, dividing"


Atlantis, Mark Doty

from Homo Will Not Inherit: "I'll tell you what I'll inherit: steam,

and the blinding symmetry of some towering man,

fifteen minutes of forgetfulness incarnate."


I'm already enjoying them. 

Worked on these logo designs today. Just some preliminary ideas for the Moss Beauty logo...

More to do on these tomorrow...