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Ethos Review and Crafting for Life

I submitted an essay about craft fairs to the Cultural Interventions section of Ethos Review a couple weeks ago and I'm excited to announce that my piece was accepted! I received the revisions yesterday and just sent it back this morning. I'm looking forward to seeing it up online in a few weeks.

After spending so many years feeling like my creative efforts were being frustrated by a lack of reception or interest, it's such a relief to be reminded that writing is really where it's at for me. This is where I need to be focusing my energy. Yes, I will still do the occasional craft fair and will probably revive my online 'store' at some point with a very curated selection just to sate my appetite for crafting, but at least for now, I am not going to try growing my business. I am crafting for fun and writing for serious. 

Baby Alpaca, hand knitted tie with hand stitched liner.


That being said, I am not leaving art and craft behind. It's a part of my life in a very real way. I am slowly but surely working on a knitting pattern book, so I'm spending a lot of time knitting and unravelling, writing and erasing, and having lots of fun coming up with new ideas. These patterns are going to be filled with whimsical floral color work and geometric patterns. Picture hooded chevron cowls, striped triangle ties, and floral coffee cup cozies. I don't want to say too much, because the final product is such a long way off, but you'll be able to see some samples at the Arts Center's spring craft fair in late April. I'll have some knitted ties, knitted silk knot necklaces, and vintage fabric earrings.