Knitting Lessons Abound

I'm excited to roll out my upcoming Autumn & Winter knitting lessons. Sign up now to reserve your spot by emailing me at

Lessons make great gifts, and so do the things you'll be making in class. Get creative this season--warm yourself and your loved ones with hand-crafted knits

Coptic Bookbinding Workshops

This Thursday, from 6-8, for only $15, you could learn to make these beautiful handbound books. They're sweet and small, and make amazing gifts. Give 'em, make notes in 'em, whatever. 

Click HERE for full details about when, where, and why! And don't forget to RSVP to ensure space. E-mail me at to reserve your spot!

Life Happens

Life has just been happening so quickly that I haven't even had time to write about it, so since I couldn't possibly backtrack in complete detail, here's a list of what's been happening...

1. Perch had its open house featuring D.M. Amoni's photography and celebrating the almost-finished middle room which is now my working studio and a fabulous workshop space!

Photography by D.M.

Picture of one corner of the studio space. Purchase at

2. I've had a couple of really fun Wednesday evening 'Radical Craft Night's and am looking forward to more!

Radical Craft Night, every Wednesday evening from 7-9 at Perch Studios: 204 West Main St., Carrboro

3. The house my friend and I have been wanting to move into is official, so I'll be an official Carrboro-ite on Nov. 2! No more commuting to the country. Now, I'll just be able to have a fun time riding my bike out there.

4. My vintage steel frame Masi road bike is being converted, as we speak, to a fixie at Velodrome Cycling--a new bike shop in Carrboro. Can't wait to play around with that. 

5. The deodorant-making workshop last night was a great success! I'm wearing right now, and I'd say it's working pretty well, even post run.  

6. Speaking of runs, I'm back on the running train, and the goal is at least two group runs a week, and two on my own. We'll see how that goes. I think running + cycling is going to feel really great. 

7. I'm working on a new list of workshops and am excited about the coptic bookbinding workshop that's coming up! On Nov. 7, from 6-8, for only $15, you'll learn basic bookbinding skills that are valuable for any style of bookbinding. The best part? You'll leave the workshop with 1-3 tiny books for making lists, writing letters, or giving gifts! e-mail me at to sign up!