Dreaming of Grocery Stores

All my dreams last night revolved around grocery stores. The dream began with multiple trips to the grocery store. It's not that I couldn't find what I was looking for and had to go to different places; I just kept remembering other things I wanted. 

At one point, my boyfriend in the dream--a guy that looked like the brother of the blue haired girl in Blue Is the Warmest Color--told me to wait there because he was going to cook me dinner. To eat a home-cooked meal in the middle of the grocery store didn't seem weird to me in the dream. I had a little girl with me who must have been my daughter, and I thought it would be funny if we surprised him by hiding in an ice chest. 

He got there later than expected and we got stuck in the chest and died, but I still existed somehow and was able to change time, go back, and do it over again with a chest that didn't lock. There was no little girl this time, and when I got out of the chest, my bf had been looking around the store for me. He was surprised, and pulled me into his arms and kissed me more passionately than I could remember him ever kissing me before. 

He told me he'd be right back with the food and as he walked away, this other man I had met brought me a double patty home-cooked burger and salad and kissed me too. My boyfriend saw and I looked at him and I was worried there would be a conflict but there didn't seem to be any tension. I asked, "Are you okay with this?" And he said he was fine with it and we should all eat dinner together. 

When he returned, the three of us began eating and talking, and then a third man showed up with food. The three of them fed and kissed me and fed me some more and there was no jealousy or strange feelings. I just felt really loved and really well taken care of, and very very full.

Next dream...

I ordered stick on hair in the mail. Each piece was a long strand with a sticky bit on the end that looks like a hair plug. I stuck them to my forehead one by one and looked like a crazy person with long stringy hairs longer than any of my other hairs stuck to my forehead.  I shared some with my sister who saw them and became jealous. Not sure why, though, since they were so abhorrent looking.

While the hair was on my forehead, I ran into admissions folks from the Iowa Writers Workshop and they knew my name somehow. They asked about my writing and I pointed them to my blog but we were across the room from one another and she couldn't hear me as I dictated the spelling to her. I motioned her over and she sat next to me. Her thigh was pressing against my thigh and I typed it out on her computer so she would have it, but it took me a very long time because my fingers were asleep and limp like spaghetti.

I smoked some weed and ran into this guy Nathan from town who I sort of know from real life. He was wearing a newsboy cap that he hand hand stitched together, and he looked very out of character. We talked for a while and then I went grocery shopping again on the way to work. I stepped around a corner to cross a lawn to the front door of the building I worked at but it was filled with what looked like huge chunks of coal and slate and I had both arms full. I worried I would lose my balance navigating, and a Haitian man coming toward me smiled and began pushing the debris away from the path so I could pass. I adjusted my bags and felt bottles pushing through the bottom of the bag in my left arm. I gripped it tightly. I thanked him and continued. 

I was passing this picnic table filled with children near the front door and they were eating porridge. One child didn't like it and tried to pour hers out so the others couldn't see but while pouring it out of her bowl, she burned herself. I thought, "This is my chance to do something nice, to pay forward how that man was nice to me." I stopped to help her and clean her hands off and I looked over my shoulder hoping to see the man who helped me, helping somebody else, but he was already gone. I was disappointed.

I went to a shoe store but there were almost no shoes and the ones remaining were individually wrapped in a nice, thin, paper so they couldn't be tried on. The store was going out of business anyway.

I practiced head stands in the kitchen.

Dream Dictionary interpretations, just for fun:

Apparently, to dream of making out symbolizes a need for physical touch and connection while kissing a stranger symbolizes self-discovery. 

To dream that you are eating with others represents balance, closeness, happiness, prosperity, and successful opportunities.

To dream that you die in your dream represents current internal alterations, changes, or growth. These dreams can conjure up a sense of anxiousness and alarm, and it is often labeled as something positive. These dreams signify that drastic adjustments within your life are coming. You are heading into new realms and possibilities and walking away from your past. Death can be viewed as a transformation, a way out of old habits. 

To dream of hair covering your face suggests an emotional anxiety in the company of others and particularly in intimate relationships. Looking out from behind a veil of hair in a dream shows that you may be keeping your true feelings hidden as you have a deep fear of rejection in close relationships.

To dream that you are watching children that you do not know signifies that you possess some attribute or trait that has yet to be discovered. 
To save a child represents your fear of losing some inner aspect of your personality or character. 

To see new shoes in your dream insinuates that you are embarking on a journey to an unknown destination in your life. You may be arrogant and sure of yourself.

Seeing an obstructed or windy path means that you have to think hard and carefully evaluate new personal and business decisions. You also have to sit back and analyze the possible outcomes before carrying out your decisions.