Apologies in Order

I was sitting at Caffe Driade today with my roommate/friend/partner-in-crime and at once, with all sorts of shock and regret, I looked up and said aloud, "Compendium Monday!" She was confused, naturally, so I clarified with, "Today's not Tuesday, is it!?"

She confirmed that it was, in fact, not Monday, but Tuesday. 

This past week has been so full with life that I completely lost track of all things Compendium related.

"I missed my audition; I lost my head!" as Cameron Diaz said in Vanilla Sky.

Funny thing is, almost all of my distractions were reading and writing-related. I had meetings this week with both ETHOS and THE CAROLINA QUARTERLY about creating content for their publications, and I'm really excited about working on both of those projects. I've also been spending a lot of time working on my own writing, which right now is looking mostly like fragmented memories from dreams and random snatches of thought throughout the day, jotted down haphazardly in one of the ten notebooks I rotate between various bags and satchels. 

I'm also working on the third of a series of tie patterns which will be available soon (I swear). I've got a couple of willing models and some really beautiful patterns that I can't wait to drape over them.

Here's a preview.

I finished Karate Chop by Dorthe Nors this week. It was one of those rare finds you only come across because you decided to linger a few minutes too long in the bookstore. 

One of my favorite stories in the collection, Duckling, began like this:

Alongside the big farm, Dad ran a duck farm, and because he was a clever man he earned a lot of money from it. It helped, too, that he was orderly and always had a grip on things. He liked that. He was known for saying, whenever anyone brought something up that had already been discussed, that he thought that had all been squared away.