I'm Leaving You

Recently, the creator of I'm Leaving You, asked me to play a part in one of the episodes for Season Two and, of course, I said yes. I'm Leaving You is a web series comedy show, and it's seriously hilarious. There's only one season out right now, so it's the perfect time to get into it. There's just something special about following a show as it's being made as opposed to finding out about it 4 seasons in and just binge-watching. They do it old school, releasing just one episode at a time at the start of a new season, so you really have a chance to digest all the hilarity and bond with the characters.

Check out the Pilot episode below...

I haven't done much acting, but I'm a huge fan of comedy and fantasize about doing stand up. We all know that being a fan of comedy does not necessarily an actress make, though, so I was pretty nervous about signing up for a project that would require a skillset I so rarely flexed. You might count working in the service industry as practice for acting, but it didn't prepare me at all for this experience.

Practicing at home, getting into character felt effortless, but add bright hot lights, way too many carbs, and heinous pre-Spring allergies, and you get a nervous nelly. I've heard musicians say that it's always hardest to play in front of an audience filled with friends rather than strangers, and I think the same is true for acting. It was intimidating acting, sort of for the first time, in front of so many people I know and respect, but by the time we were finished at the end of Day 2, I was sad to get back in the car. 

Check out some of the photos I got during the shoot:

It was pretty amazing seeing people I know from around town doing such technical work. I know Dan Bonne created the show and co-writes it, but I had no idea he was so involved--from production to direction to post-production, Bonne seems to have his hands in a bit of all of it. I've seen Jacki Hungtington, a musician and freelance filmmaker, play music and drink coffee, but I didn't have a grasp on what she was capable of doing behind the camera until the filming. One of my favorite things about collaborations is having the opportunity to discover interesting things about people whose skills you might otherwise take for granted. 

Some other folks who were involved include...

Jesse Wooten, aka Sandy, is a musician, actor, and all-around creative soul who works with me at the coffee shop. His character has appeared a few times, and he got filmed briefly for this episode, but he was mainly along for technical support. I don't know how his arms didn't fall off from holding all those things he held so steady, but they didn't. Thanks to him, when this episode comes out, there will be sound. Check out his music HERE.

Lauren Lickwar, one of Chrissy's (my character) bridesmaids, works in the service industry as well but is apparently super good at improvising on set and is so hilarious off set that we're pretty sure some of her jokes might get stolen and show up in other places throughout Season 2. I can't even remember how many times Dan said, "Hey, hey! Make sure to write that down!"

Steph Medeiros was totally new to me, but she's made several appearances on the show, and is also a woman of many talents beyond acting. She a contributing writer for several publications, as well as a copywriter for a marketing firm, and she plays a pretty good disgruntled wedding guest/frustrated wife! In addition to playing her role, she helped a lot with filming and tech support. Check out her acting specs HERE.

Justin Edge is a short story and comedy writer living in Wilmington, and head writer for the show. This was my first time meeting him as well, and he was darn good at playing himself. This guy is hilarious. He runs a Bed, Bath & Beyond by day, but he rocks the screen by night. No, he doesn't do THAT sort of acting, but we all wish he did. 

Oh yeah, and I couldn't possibly leave out our 'sign reading' video from the drive home. Myself, Dan, and Lauren...