Compendium Monday #3

So I've been watching a lot of stand-up this week, and the following are available on Netflix. Lucky us.

Moshe Kasher: Live in Oakland.

Here's a clip. Like most stand-up, I assume I won't like it at first, because those network folks will let any 'ole thing on tv these days, but I found myself cracking up at this guy.

John Mulaney: New in Town

If you don't have Netflix, here's the full episode of this guy's routine. I REALLY really like John Mulaney.


W.E. was sort of difficult to follow at first, and I found a lot that was problematic with character motivations not being fleshed out, but overall, I found myself buying in. The stakes are high for the protagonists in both paralleling story lines, which makes for some interesting watching. 


Lorrie Moore specializes in short fiction, and recently had a story featured in the January Harper's called Subject to Search and it's one of three pieces she has had featured there over the years. I just discovered that an online subscription to Harper's is pretty inexpensive, and you get access to the entire archive. Naturally, I couldn't resist. Most of the physical issues have an insert with a promo code which provides a significant subscription discount, so if you're interested, you should pick up a copy. 

I read Moore's book of short stories, Self Help,  last year and I definitely recommend it. I got the same feeling I had while reading Miranda July's No One Belongs Here More Than You.


I picked up a copy of Fabricoh Magazine in late fall and haven't had much of an opportunity to delve too deeply into it, but I was flipping through it today and stopped right at a review of The Love Language, a local band that I coincidentally saw for the first time a week ago. A good listen, and a good read. Check 'em out.