My room mate and I moved into this sweet place right on the edge of town at the beginning of November, and it has been quite a struggle settling in. The place wasn't ready when we moved in, so we had to spend the first few weeks deep cleaning, back-and-forthing with the super about things, and unpacking boxes on top of all that. Instead of being able to just settle in and begin acclimating  to each other's living styles, we've had to do a lot of weird home stuff, which isn't normally that big of a deal, but we also decided to move our respective studios home, which adds this whole other emotional layer in addition to the actual layer of stuff that now seems to cover every surface. 

So most of our things are moved in, finally, and the furniture is (mostly) where we want it, but there was one last, glaring problem that we needed to take care of before we could really breathe out and sit still a bit--the kitchen. Now, the multiple shades of red wouldn't have been entirely awful if the super hadn't sort of begun painting one of the walls back to white only to stop barely past the periphery of the thing. To walk into the room is to feel like you're looking at the evidence from somebody's attempt mid-breakdown to cover up a terrible mistake, only to become so overwhelmed by the effort involved, that they had to stop before the labor could produce even a single fruit. 

Finally, roomie and I decided it had to be finished. Be damned that we wanted to be outside on sunny yesterday. This kitchen was going to yield to our design and our labor, and be the beautiful, bright room that it once was.

So, here is the before: omg

Here's the process: 

And here's the finished product:

Yes, we are very very happy with the results. I wll say, though, that I didn't quite expect the room to look so prim. I was offended momentarily by the preppy sterility of it, but it's grown on me. I had a thought to embellish the cabinet doors with a thin line of gold paint along the natural indented design of the wood, but roomie said, "It'll really look like a 10 year old girl's unicorn bedroom then," and I agreed decided against it. 

It took several hours, but I feel so much better about this place now that it doesn't angry to cook myself food. 

Au revoir.