A couple weeks ago, before I had allowed myself to completely give way beneath the pressure of the truth about my life, I wandered into The Regulator Bookshop in Durham before an impromptu outdoor acoustic show in a parking lot across the street, and picked up this sweet copy of Ecotone, the literary journal produced by UNC-Wilmington's Creative Writing MFA program.

As a fan of journals, I foolishly thought I was familiar with all the goodies in North Carolina, and was as surprised to see this unfamiliar beauty as I was to find out it was produced at UNC-W, one of the schools I will be applying to for my MFA. At the time, my thoughts about MFA programs hadn't really been percolating, but my thoughts about how I was spending my time had been... I began reading, and Jill Sisson Quinn's 'The Myth of Home' really stood out. Her ability to blend scientific jargon as figurative language so seamlessly into the fabric of this story about 'place' and 'home' was stimulating. Any time I read something that is both captivating and enlightening, I feel like it's time well  spent. Ecotone did an interview with Quinn, which you can find HERE and if you're interested in reading her award winning natural history essay 'Sign Here if You Exist', go HERE.

There are lots of great pieces in this issue. Check the whole thing out HERE.