Carolina's Funniest Comic Competition

What? Is this real? I signed up to compete in this competition at DSI Comedy Theatre in Chapel Hill on a total whim, AND I made it to the second round! 

Comedy has always peripherally been a part of my life, and by peripherally, I mean that I spent as much time as possible as a kid watching 'Seinfeld' and 'Ellen' but had no idea that I was watching comedy -- I just thought I was watching TV.  

I was quoted a few years ago saying that if I could be anything, I'd be a stand-up comedian, and that Jerry Seinfeld was my celebrity idol. I had totally forgotten about this, though, when I started going to shows regularly last fall and found myself taking notes during the comics' sets -- I'd just stand in the back of the room somewhere between the audience and where all the comedians hung out practicing their jokes, and at some point, one of them started telling me about the area open-mics. 

If you want to see a VERY femmie picture of me and read the embarrassing things I said when I was 23 (gawd, so long ago), you can see the article HERE. A lot has changed since then....except of course the fact that my punchlines often still fall flat.

Writing the Walls Down

I'm really excited to share that IndyWeek recently published a book review I wrote of Writing the Walls Down, A Convergence of LGBTQ Voices. Check out the review HERE & buy the book HERE

Make sure to check out the triangle's Trans-Genre press. They showcase transgender artists, writers, musicians, and performers.