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Hey, I’m Ryan-Ashley. Yes, that’s two first names. Yes, it's hyphenated. I know, it’s a lot. But so am I.

“A lot” in a good way. Like, I’ll do a lot for your business because when a client puts a problem in front of me, I’m a dog with a bone until we come up with the kind of solutions that give you Sundays and lunch breaks and time with kids, back.

So who am I? Really?

Well, I’m a beauty school dropout, recovered comedian, and almost reality TV star from small town, North Carolina, whose biggest regret in life was being born after shoulder pads went out of style.

Don’t get me wrong — I still wear shoulder pads — they’re just not as cool as they used to be!

I am passionate about the DIY lifestyle, sustainability, wellness, and advocating for safe beauty.

Beyond that, I’m also a copywriter and marketing strategist who’s been helping businesses reach more people for almost ten years — first in Asheville for a variety of local arts-focused businesses, publications, and individuals, then in Raleigh/Durham for the fashion and beauty industries, and for the past few years at ad agencies and for individual businesses through my consultancy. In addition to servicing clients, I’m a dedicated lover of the arts and spend my  time mentoring students and creative professionals through workshops, talks, and one-on-one coaching sessions.

I also act as council-member for The Maker City to help drive the development of Knoxville’s creative economy; I jury and volunteer for Dogwood Arts; and I love developing creative, DIY-centric events throughout the southeast. You may recognize me from my DIY Anywhere television segment on Living East Tennessee.

I have written copy and developed strategy for:

  • Utilities companies (solar)

  • Recreational vehicles (golf)

  • Furniture companies (B2B + B2C)

  • Food and beverage (B2B + B2C)

  • Hemp (B2B + B2C)

  • Beauty (retail/salon)

  • Wellness (yoga studios)

  • Politics (campaign messaging + management)

  • Manufacturing (B2C tiny homes)

  • Finance (B2C lending)

  • Tourism

  • Auto retail chains

  • Maker industry (craft fairs)

Convinced? Make me your creative partner. I promise we’ll do great things together. Want to know more? Contact me to talk about your project needs and I’ll send you relevant portfolio work after an initial consultation call. Feel free to also check me out on LinkedIn!


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